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The Prodigy is the most trusted, reliable and best-selling DXA system with one of the largest installed base in the world.  The Prodigy is a high performance, efficient and reliable DXA system with the versatility to offer bone density test and body composition analysis and the flexibility to scale up to a wide-range of clinical applications.

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Efficiency, Precision, Versatility and Technology



ScanCheck application automatically identifies potential errors in artifact identification, acquisition, and analysis – and provides correction instructions.


Automatic ROI placement eliminates the need for user intervention, enables consistency from one exam to the next, and increases precision.


OneScan performs an AP Spine and DualFemur exam without repositioning between scans.


QuickView offers speed and efficiency to high turnaround clinics by offering a fast, 10 second spine or femur scan.


OneVision allows you to set up multiple measurements in one exam by eliminating keystrokes to improve throughput for operators that routinely perform multiple measurements on each patient.



Precision - Key to Effective Results

Higher precision means better patient compliance. Prodigy’s fan-beam and detector technology enables an extremely precise measurement of the bone. You can better manage treatment plans, which promotes better patient compliance.

Optimized X-ray energy peaks

Prodigy blocks X-rays in the middle of the energy range before the patient, the K-edge filter lowers patient dose while improving performance, since it removes X-rays which would not efficiently distinguish between bone and soft tissue.

Proven Precision

With over 14,500 installations in more than 120 countries,  Prodigy is a proven and dependable DXA product. Clinicians, Researchers and Practitioners have trusted the Prodigy DXA system for more than 20 years making it one of the largest selling DXA systems in the world.



Breadth of applications and features

A long list applications for Lunar Prodigy with the enCORE software platform – from visceral fat measurement, color fat coding and pediatric assessment to small animal scanning – helps explain why it’s chosen by leading hospitals, clinics, and physicians around the world.

Sized to suit your needs

The Prodigy is available in both full or compact sizes to offer flexibility when choosing your DXA system to meet the different space requirements of your clinic.

Available in three software configurations

Prodigy Advance - Advanced Skeletal and metabolic health assessment

Prodigy Pro - Essential skeletal and metabolic health assessment

Prodigy Primo - Essential skeletal health assessment



Narrow Fan Beam Scan

The Prodigy uses the Lunar patented narrow fan beam technology that combines the best features of pencil beams (no magnification, low dose) with the short scan time of wide fan beams while reducing magnification error inherent to wide-angle fan beam systems.

Multi-View Image Reconstruction (MVIR)

Using narrow fan beam technology to perform multiple, spaced and transverse sweeps across the site of interest resulting in accurate determination of bone-height above the tabletop, minimization of magnification errors, and thereby providing higher precision and accuracy.

Low Scattered Radiation

Due to narrow fan beam technology, low scatter radiation in comparison to wide angle fan beam systems.


Photon Counting Detector

Dose-efficient photon counting detector technology that simultaneously counts low and high energy X-rays photons resulting in lower dosage to the patient and faster and efficient scans.

K-edge Filter

A stable X-ray source with “K-edge filter” that absorbs the X-rays in the middle energy range and protects the patient against unnecessary exposure.


Metabolic Health Assessments on GE Lunar Prodigy


In your search for answers to a patient’s health concerns, information is everything. And with Lunar Prodigy, GE Healthcare offers the most trusted, reliable and best-selling DXA system to provide the data and images you need. Whether you’re assessing bone density, fracture risk, metabolic health, pediatric development or sarcopenia Lunar iDXA gives you a clear view inside the body.

Please refer to our enCORE software section for a complete list of features and descriptions.